Let’s welcome the INDOOR SEASON 🥳  (and escape the bad weather) with a show for everyone! What everyone means? You can expect ranking classes, classes for the future stars (YH) ⭐️, and classes for the very tal...

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CSI**/CSI* & CSIYH Tour 1/2


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CSI *** / CSI *

3* Spectacular  Not only is it Halloween 🎃  it’s also one of the best weekends on the indoor calendar. Our 3* indoor show is always a highlight of the season with top sport, amazing vip hospitality and the best enterta...

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CSI Youth P - Ch - J - U25 + Senti Cup Ponies and Horses


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24 Nov 2022 04 Dez 2022 CSI**/CSI* & CSIYH X-Mass Tour 1+2 Startliste mehr lesen